Cyprus, Paphos mobility scooter hire. FREE delivery and collection plus 10% pre booking discount fee. The company is owned and run by a wheelchair user, Chris Neophytou. I rent collapsible, medium and large sized scooters, manual or powered wheelchair hire, electric hoist hire, profile electric beds, bed leaver etc..  Besides equipment rental and sales, we also provide COMPLETELY accessible accommodation for the disabled and able-bodied guests and families, as well as adapted airport transfers, excursions and care/nurse assistance...

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Airport transfers

Mobility scooters

Mobility collapsible scooters

Manual and Powered wheelchairs

Electric Hoists

NEW**Stand up Hoists**NEW

Shower commodes

Electric beds, bedroom and bathroom aids


Swimming Pool Hoist


Accessible accommodation
for ALL and a pool with hoist


Access into the sea




1. Self propelled
shower/toilet commode

2. Attendant controlled
toilet commode

3. Attendant controlled
shower commode
4. Wheeled shower chair
5. Commode Etac
Specialized shower/toilet commode
and rental rate depends on availability

 7. Self propelled
shower/toilet commode

There are different models.

We have various types and models of shower/chairs/commodes for the disabled guests.
Please contact us in order to hire the one closest to the type you use in your own home. 
We will offer you the  most suitable shower chair to fit your specific needs as near as possible.




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Mobility scooters  Mobility collapsible scooters  Manual and Powered wheelchairs  Electric Hoists  NEW**Stand up Hoists**NEW
Shower commodes  Electric beds, bedroom and bathroom aids, walkers etc Carer or Nurse Rates  Contact

Swimming Pool Hoist

Accessible accommodation
for ALL and a pool with hoist