Cyprus, Paphos mobility scooter hire. FREE delivery and collection plus 10% pre booking discount fee. The company is owned and run by a wheelchair user, Chris Neophytou. I rent collapsible, medium and large sized scooters, manual or powered wheelchair hire, electric hoist hire, profile electric beds, bed leaver etc..  Besides equipment rental and sales, we also provide COMPLETELY accessible accommodation for the disabled and able-bodied guests and families, as well as adapted airport transfers, excursions and care/nurse assistance...

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Mobility scooters for rent in Polis Pafos Cyprus by CN Paraquip



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Airport transfers

Mobility scooters

Mobility collapsible scooters

Manual and Powered wheelchairs

Electric Hoists

NEW**Stand up Hoists**NEW

Shower commodes

Electric beds, bedroom and bathroom aids


Swimming Pool Hoist


Accessible accommodation
for ALL and a pool with hoist


Access into the sea




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Collapsible mobility scooters from CN Paraquip Cyprus
Collapsible Scout /20amp battery

Collapsible mobility scooters from CN Paraquip Cyprus
Breaks down into 4 pieces

Collapsible mobility scooters from CN Paraquip Cyprus
Scout collapsible scooter

The collapsible Scout scooters (20amp) maximum user weight 14 stone, and has a minimum range of about 3 km and up to maximum of 10km. 

The above also depends on various factors for example
 body weight, incline and decline of terrain, the climate, frequency of use.


We have in stock a vast number of mobility scooters, power chairs and manual wheelchairs.
These can be altered to suit a specific need. ie right hand control or left hand control etc.

You can hire a mobility scooter/chairs etc prior to your visit to ensure you have one ready for your needs on arrival. 
We even have collapsible scooters.

If you choose to hire mobility aids, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your individual needs.  We understand the concerns of many people who prefer not to bring their own equipment abroad, and therefore hire their essential equipment from us instead.

We regularly hire equipment to an able bodied guest who fancies an easier ‘stroll’ to the town or the beach, so they arrange a scooter etc to make their day easier or to perhaps ‘keep up’ with another member of their group that is disabled and well used to speeding off !  


For battery charging my suggestion is, that you put the scooter to charge every night as well to ensure that you are fully charged every morning.

If you are renting a collapsible scooter, as they do not have a very large range, when you stop over at a restaurant for lunch, perhaps you can just take the battery kit in with you and ask if you plug it in to recharge


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Swimming Pool Hoist

Accessible accommodation
for ALL and a pool with hoist